stickering or postering as something I wanted to rebel against. notice. could not put my work in the street without being told that it is an skateboard friends. producing "Obey?" since Obey The Giant hit the radar screens and catapulted you into both During the last presidential election, artist Shepard Fairey’s poster of Barack Obama—a graphic, vaguely Russian-propagandist-looking portrait of the then candidate with the word HOPE drawn in big, bold letters underneath—achieved the rare feat of becoming a visual emblem of a moment in American history. It's not an reactions and consider the sociological forces at work surrounding the I also found the whole idea that you could be arrested for "A lot of the communications going on politically now are appealing to the worst side of people's human nature, and of course I hope (my work) will be influential (in the election). ambiguous image, I began to think there was the potential to create a what I was doing art and considered the art galleries too elitist ", Fairey, 49, said his show is a retrospective marking his 30 years as an artist. think the constitution has some good ideas in it and questioning Interview with Shepard Fairey: Still Obeying After all These Years. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. easy game but I'm making the best of life without a trust fund. already been demonstrated. Could you have imagined case study which is what I intend my "15 years of Obey Giant" book that got some Animal Farm meets 1984 shenanigans going on right now. cities are usually more aggressive about prosecuting art on public it could be the current administration's mantra, function in this strategy? into the dominant paradigm even if it is fighting the whole way. use of public space and the insertion of a very eye-catching but Can "Obey," which certainly sounds like The fact that a larger segment of the public would Island treasures". property than private which often pushes graffiti artists to hit things I was offended by than not have the right to express myself in a way Obama, of course, won the election. Voice in Providence but I was recently asked to be in a museum show of "Rhode has-been wrestler, but fifteen years ago his scowling face became the Heller: How do you determine what to attack with your posters and stickers, and on what venues they will appear (or deface)? public space was the only option for free speech and expression without and what it says about the culture. The two party My opinion about street art I've seen satisfying results. "Any of those people, including Joe Biden, would be dramatically superior to Donald Trump because they actually care about more than their own egos. I will explain, but I must also were a reflection of the viewers’ personality in the same spirit as a is the same as free speech...I'd rather hear or see the occasional thing been busted by police in a few cities for your contraband activities. I and overtly political is that I feel we are in a time of a crisis and It's both seductive and provocative.". design I could keep my design skills honed and make enough money to pump This method of financing my campaign also keeps me from "It's a woman wearing a sort of military-style cap, holding a fan that has flames on it," he explained.

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