Many of the greatest songs rely heavily on the snare drum, and it has actually been around for over 600 years.
If you change the Ship-To country, some or For example if you want to go for a gold finish on the hardware instead of chrome, this will cost extra. It’s a deep drum too, coming in at 6.5 inches deep.. Far from being the newest snare on our list, this snare has been around for a long time – and people still love it. The 6.5-inch shell gives a warm wood-like sound and makes for a drum which sings in both low tuning and high tuning. The 6.5×14 is a bright and snappy snare with some nice definition, particularly at higher tunings. These drums are pristine in how they sound and look. The Ludwig Black Beauty is something of a mythical beast when it comes to drumming. Dating all the way back to the 12th century, the snare was used in armies to deliver commands through the ranks. Find the best snare drum for your set by choosing from a huge range of finishes, from classic matte black or different wood finishes to high-gloss finish custom solid maple wood Noble & Cooley snares or our wide palate of metal snare drums. Consordini is a participant in the Services LLC Associates Program. Videos& Reference Materials, Audio Recordings, Videos& Reference They tell us that this gives the drum more body all round. Do you know what the difference in depth does to a drum? With their Renown Series snare drum, they have produced an affordable snare for drummers of all levels. This drum is deceptively versatile too, capable of low rich tones and a high crisp crack.

So what makes this drum so popular? You can even do it with the stroke of a stick. This is a 1 mm thick shell drum with a 6.5-inch depth and 14-inch diameter. In this review we have selected 10 of the best-sounding snare drums of 2020 along with our opinions as to why exactly these drums are so sought after. But don’t let the flashy look deceive you – this snare is a contender. First off, the material is a huge determining factor in the sound of a snare. It stands to reason that snare drums come in many shapes and sizes in order to suit many musical applications. Meanwhile, at around $700 this is not the most expensive snare drum you will ever encounter, although do bear in mind that a lot of the cost here is due to the finishing and extras.

This drum is versatile with tunings and gives an amazing crack when tuned up in pitch. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Older Black Beauty’s can be prohibitively expensive. Look here for snare drums by top brands like Yamaha, Mapex, Canopus, Pearl, Gretsch,DW, Ludwig, Tama, Sonor, and much, much more. Yamaha have made their Recording Custom snare available in different materials.

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