Insignia: "I was attracted to this character, because she's an alien, and she's a completely original character in the Star Trek universe, so I don't have to compare myself with anyone who came before me. However, the Romulans found them and threatened to take back to Romulus to pay for their crimes. Despite the inspiration, Doug Jung, with a laugh, described the connection between Jennifer Lawrence and Jaylah as "so esoteric." Jaylah's father stayed behind to hold off Manas, buying Jaylah time to flee at the cost of his own life. 148, p. 89), The make-up of Jaylah boosted the production staff's confidence in the character. To participate specifically in the film's fight scenes as Jaylah, Boutella trained in parkour and bōjutsu. Sofia Boutella plays Jaylah in Star Trek Beyond; she's another victim stranded by Krall's hunger for destruction. [11] Pegg also remarked, "Sofia charmed the socks off of all of us. Jaylah employed her knife to persuade the engineer of their relationship's cordial nature and offered to help find the U.S.S. Jaylah was then saved by Kirk. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Jaylah was a survivor of an attack by Krall. Aber dann kommt es wieder knüppelhart: Die Story wird seichter, die Action nimmt zu, die doofen Sprüche da. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "I definitely used some of my old tricks, my body language, or treating things as a choreography, or looking at things with a rhythm so I could learn them." She then allowed Kirk and his crew to take the Franklin to stop Krall's attack on Yorktown station. "Sonya Hayes, the costume designer, had the idea of raising the ridges between the black lines, which made it all work. | (Star Trek Magazine Movie Special 2016, pp. Father: "Usually when you're writing you try to find someone to fit [what you've written], but I started crafting the character to Sofia's strengths," stated Justin Lin. (SFX, issue 276, p. 49), Sofia Boutella found the most difficult aspect of playing Jaylah was the character's make-up. "Aye. Using a transporter aboard the Franklin, Jaylah and her new allies then managed to bring Spock and Leonard "Bones" McCoy to them. She directed the two to the crew's holding pen, then laid down covering fire for Kirk, before being attacked by Manas. While Kirk used the motorcycle, enhanced with Jaylah's traps and holographic technology to create a distraction, Jaylah used a pulse beacon to enable McCoy and Spock to beam directly to the base. Jaylah What does that really say?'" The email will only be created once you click on the "Send Email" button. During a press conference for Star Trek Beyond, actor and screenwriter Simon Pegg … Inside the vessel, she discovered a music player, from which she particularly liked music featuring "beats and shouting." (TOS - Boldly Go comics: "Issue 1", "Issue 7", "Issue 8"), Jaylah and the other cadets then went to Yorktown to take close look at the construction of the USS Enterprise-A. This character definitely isn't human, and her look is unique. Left with nothing following her escape from Krall's compound, Jaylah went on to discover a crashed starship, set up various contraptions to cloak her whereabouts and form a defensive perimeter, learn an alien language, fix numerous systems on the abandoned craft, survive amid hostile neighbors, and find a nifty staff to ward off any pesky intruders. (Star Trek Magazine Movie Special 2016, p. 81), Jaylah's make-up incorporated a pair of contact lenses and some extremely subtle prosthetics, too. Eye color: [6] [7], When she first auditioned for the role of Jaylah, Sofia Boutella had no idea what character she would be playing, nor in what film. After enduring a bumpy ride to Altamid's surface in a photon torpedo, Scotty found himself alone and unaware of his surroundings. Assignment: My edge is still not off. Several locals attempted to take advantage of Scotty's confused state, until Jaylah intervened and convinced the unruly gang to disperse by displaying her proficiency in hand-to-hand combat. (Star Trek Magazine Movie Special 2016, p. 72), In Simon Pegg's opinion, Sofia Boutella was successful as Jaylah; he called the actress "a golden addition to this group," referring to the film's principal cast. Jaylah showed the Enterprise crew a makeshift map of Krall's base and explained her own escape method, allowing them to devise a rescue plan. She shares their wanderlust. Sibling(s): "I know what is engineering! (TOS - Boldly Go comic: "Issue 10"), She was one of the cadets serving as officers on the Independent starbase Home Base and its assigned vessels. (Cinefex, No. She was delighted to hear from Scott that, on his recommendation, she had been accepted into Starfleet Academy. Who's your new friend here? Jaylah Realizing Scott was an engineer, Jaylah agreed to help him find his crew if he helped her finish her repairs. Jaylah and her family quickly realized that people were routinely taken from Krall's holding cells and killed, so they decided to attempt escape. Someone said it would take my edge off. [4], As it turned out, the design direction for Jaylah's make-up was suggested by neither Joel Harlow nor Neville Page. However, the entire bottom part of the face was the actress' own skin, not covered at all by prosthetics. Captain James T. Kirk This is actually the second Jaylah poster, the first one having been released last month. Gender: Scotty agreed to the conditions, finally recognizing Jaylah's desire for an amicable alliance. In the short time span between saving Scotty and protecting Yorktown, Jaylah's ingenuity and technical prowess proved invaluable to her new Starfleet friends. "It's a long name! In October 2015, filming started in Dubai. Keelah (sister) and at the Pitt River Quarries in Red Deer, B.C. He can be found on Twitter at @CaptStobie and Instagram @JayStobie. (Empire, issue 326, p. 76), Boutella approved of the role, not only because she thought being in Star Trek would be "a great opportunity" for her but also thanks to Jaylah's newness. I don't know about you, but I only employ my best martial arts moves when I am hoping to impress a new pal. "It wasn't until the callback that they told me it was Star Trek, and what character I was playing," she recalled. There, she and Scotty were able to use her music player, by using the "Sabotage" song to disrupt the Swarm drones and their ships signal, which caused them implode. The group aimed to make the character's make-up "instantly iconic," which Harlow felt was most important, as well as "instantly recognizable." In Star Trek Beyond, Sofia Boutella portrays Jaylah. | (Star Trek Magazine Movie Special 2016, p. 47). Heimlicher Held ist nicht Kirk und Co, sondern die Tricktechnik. When Simon Pegg and Doug Jung were writing the film, they took inspiration for depicting Jaylah from Ree Dolly, Jennifer Lawrence's character in the film Winter's Bone. Cadet Jaylah, circa 2263 Mother: 70 & 72), Watched by Justin Lin, Sofia Boutella records Jaylah's scream, Simon Pegg deliberately wrote Jaylah's dialogue in a broken English that was inspired by Sofia Boutella's French accent. [src] Years prior to her encounter with the USS Enterprise crew, Jaylah and her family, like many before them, were attacked by Krall and imprisoned on Altamid. [after being teleported while in the middle of a leap and landing with a thud on the transporter pad]. That's right. (Star Trek Magazine Movie Special 2016, p. 72), It was Sofia Boutella who thought up the moment where Jaylah assumes the command chair onboard the Franklin, which wasn't scripted but was proposed by the actress when she improvised it on set, during rehearsal. (SFX, issue 276, p. 49) Boutella also got used to the make-up. Jaylah's father stayed behind to hold off Manas, buying Jaylah time to flee at the cost of his own life. The pattern continued when Jaylah initially refused Kirk's request to go to Krall's base. "It was a lot of fun to learn [parkour], to be honest," she admitted, "though at first I said 'I'm never going to be able to do this,' because it's quite hard." Jaylah's rebellious streak also manifested in more exhilarating ways. [10], As Boutella had expected, the process of inventing Jaylah turned out to be delightful for her. Representing ridges near Jaylah's eyes, the prosthetics stretched from the actress' nose to her forehead. [3] Justin Lin agreed, "I knew if we did it right, it would be great to have a new character who could potentially join the family." (Star Trek Beyond), Jaylah holds Montgomery Scott at knife point. (SFX, issue 276, p. 49) Boutella additionally related, "There were days where I'd wake up at 12:30am to get make-up before a morning shoot. And with her resourcefulness, technical know-how, and practical combat experience, Jaylah ought to sail right through to graduation. (Star Trek Beyond), "I am Jaylah. Enter the email address associated with your account and we'll send you a link to reset your password. However, T'Laan determined that it was the Tellarite ambassador Kintro who killed Joltair. "She came in and sat down, and she said, 'This is my house,'" Justin Lin remembered. Jaylah was a female humanoid who lived on Altamid as a scavenger evading Krall in the year 2263, in the Kelvin timeline. She was shown on Earth at the Academy, listening to a lecture that Montgomery Scott was giving. One must appreciate the simple pleasures in life when marooned in solitary on a distant world.

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