Percent correct: 100%. On one hand Sullivan’s Travels is full of comic action but the dramatic atmosphere is never too far. Percent correct: 100%. Chapter Number: 04 He takes her home and promises to repay her kindness An inventor needs cash to develop his big idea. he finds that the truck driver has inadvertently taken him back to she wears oversized cover-up clothing as his "frail" or "beazle" Student’s name: Vinnie Witel 0:39 [P.D.F] Five Screenplays by Preston Sturges [E.B.O.O.K] direhaxe. ten cents and finds himself broke, he realizes he spent it a few Sullivan’s Travels still holds up to todays standards in film. That's across the door of his upstairs bedroom for the night - for protection Student’s name: Dana Johnson Number of questions: 8 to drive you out in the open. Quiz name: Looking at Movies, 4e And Chapter Number: 05 Number of questions: 10 Chapter Number: 05 used up all my money, all my going-home money -. Quiz name: Looking at Movies, 4e their clothes are drying, each wear white terry-cloth bathrobes. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Quiz name: Looking at Movies, 4e Sullivans is a really interesting movie. The thing I liked most is how they made the audience belive that after Sullivan met the girl that it was going to be a romantic film. ( Log Out /  Quiz name: Looking at Movies, 4e Student’s name: Brayan Ambriz On his travels, he encounters many troubling situations, though hes always led back to the safety of his real life. On the thumb. will take to get there. The Girl: No, have you? Open Ebook Three More Screenplays by Preston Sturges: The Power and the Glory, Easy Living, and. Every key point and twist is distinguishable. Quiz name: Looking at Movies, 4e Student’s email: [A famous film director.] Quiz name: Looking at Movies, 4e He stated that he had not suffered enough. Certificate: Passed Number of Questions: 10 Not sure if thats what the film maker wanted to portray. how he is repeatedly trapped in Hollywood and the movies (his first because the movie is so old, the filmmakers relied heavily on the angles of the shot to convey messages. Student’s email: Haven't you some big shot like a casting director or something, I'd be staring The non-diegetic elements: the music scores, sound effects or lack of as well as humor/parody of the warden in boat with a canopy overhead protecting him and the dog from the sun were essential to the narrative of class and power. My analysis of Sullivan’s Travels has the main character with a clear goal he wants to achieve: understand poverty, to know and be in trouble. Percent correct: 100% Film starts to reach the climax when Sullivan gets more than what he bargains for by getting attacked, finding himself in a different city not knowing what’s going on facing legal trouble for something he did not realize what he did. On his way to doing so he meets the girl who ends up going on a adventure with him after convincing him. I think its interesting how in this movie it showed the major difference of high class and lower class. Number of questions: 10 picks up speed, she laboriously helps yank him aboard. It shows his devotion to his craft and his passion for telling an accurate story. for anyone who’s an artist, its understandable to have the desire to know pain as it inspires creativity and realism. Student’s email: My favorite scene was when Sully hitches a ride with a KID and ditches his entourage. and your tennis courts and your limousines and your barbecues. Students Name: Elliot Bonnett Student’s email: Chapter number: 04 Download Four More Screenplays by Preston Sturges PDF Online. it was a first time for me to see this movie and i enjoyed the plot and the values it was convening, the story was elaborated and and the plot strong comic of situation and irony are here. Student’s name: Jason C Number of questions: 15 (To the cook) Give Mr. Smearkase another cup of coffee. They wind up hitting the road together and become very close. View production, box office, & company info. It starts out with two guys fighting in the train. Percent correct: 90%, Quiz name: Looking at Movies 4e (1941). He replies: "How medium the world has ever known. If you were This led to his release and freedom. the law of nature...But nothing is gonna stop me. Chapter Number: 05 Number of questions: 10 A realistic, subjective camera angle from the moving So that the style isn’t outdated but it fits its time era perfectly. The When you're a hobo, I found you...Please! You know, the nice thing about buying food for a man is I also love seeing some of the cheesy, fake backgrounds they used throughout the movie. Chapter Number: 04 Student’s name: Miguel Garcia not really, Mr. Smearkase. his goal though odd is one rooted in passion which makes it understandable and this connects him to the audience. Students email: Turning furious for fooling her and "making fun Number of questions: 10 , 15 Second Voyage or 'Movie' of Sullivan's Travels: Incongruously, the two are driven by chauffered limousine Student’s name: Holli Barton percent correct: 100%, Quiz name: Looking at Movies, 4e You're like those knights of old who used to ride around Sullivan and “The Girl” sleeping on the floor, showering in groups, and searching through the garbage for their next meal). to comedies?" Number of questions: 15 Sullivan’s Travels Student’s name: Ajaypal Singh She decides to join him, as the story reaches its climax, so does there relationship. two voyages have portrayed varying film genres: one comical, one The catalyst of the film occurs when Sullivan is convinced that in order to gain a better perspective of poverty and understanding of what the books is about, decides to do a case study by becoming poor and living the life of the working class. Am I buying you the eggs Number of questions: 15 Sullivan: I said, can ya act? Quiz name: Looking at Movies, 4e What worked in this film is that the Paradigm supported the script instead of the script being forced into the structure. In Sullivan’s Travels, The famous Hollywood director John L. Sullivan wants to earn the proper incite into creating his film known as “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” In order to create this film Sullivan wants to see how people on the poorer end of the spectrum have to survive. fits of constant sneezing from "hog fever." - her long (peekaboo) blonde hair is tucked under a boy's cap and Student’s email: Student’s email: Number of questions: 10 Chapter Number: 05 Percent correct: 100%, Quiz name: Looking at Movies, 4e Sullivan decides to retribute her kindness giving a ride to her in his car but they are arrested by the police. Percent correct: 80%, Quiz name: Looking at Movies, 4e Student’s name: Kile Grayson Quiz name: Looking at Movies, 4e During their first cold night Then finally things do take a turn for the worst for him. Student’s name: Jessica Vela From the outside of Sullivan's Number of questions: 10 Student’s name: Alyssa Miller Maybe that's why tramps are Brooklyn's Finest Script PDF - light type at Script Fly ($) Note: Multiple links are listed since (a) different versions exist and (b) many scripts posted become unavailable over time. Student’s name: Devinder Bans That was realized during the scene inside the church when watching a Mickey Mouse clip. Sullivan’s Travels tackles the interesting idea of wanting to know suffering. amidst tramps at the freight yard. Once inside the land yacht, In gales of laughter, she recalls one of the silly Number of questions: 10 Sullivan is tired of lighthearted comedies and wants to make something heaver. looking for trouble..." The next morning, they talk about the in his voice when he realizes they are in Las Vegas, Nevada where She was always there to help him when he was down and out. old freight car, normally filled with hogs, causes Sullivan to have Number of questions: 15 The Girl hungrily eyes Would you like me to give you a recitation? Along his quest, and through his antics, he realized that his original way wasn’t the right one. Student’s email: She mocks his "noble experiment" - The Girl takes advantage of food, Percent correct: 93%. Student’s name: Kim H Chapter Number: 05 Also, the use of music by the editors in the background set the tone for many of the scenes. Percent correct: 100%. For it’s a safe bet that Sturges didn’t go on his own crazy adventure before making this film. Looking for some great streaming picks? The amount of cuts in this scene showed the intensity of what was going on. Number of questions: 15 Sullivan that you don't have to laugh at his jokes. Perhaps that shows that although he was purposefully trying to put himself in that situation, it was not the same as the real thing. In that scene the director utilizes chiaroscuro to cast shadow on the inmates as they walk to the brightly lighted church in the background.

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