These are many and varied. superstition translation in English-Tamil dictionary.
Fridays are not suitable for breaking into the homes of Brahmans.
If the strand floats in water, there is no need to worry but if it sinks, the wife starts out at once to find her husband. A tenth-born girl makes wealth fly away like cotton. It is seen in 2000-year-old Sangam Tamil literature. A long strand is pulled out of a broom, and at one end of it are tied several smaller strands, which have been dipped in oil. beliefs and superstitions in tamil nadu,beliefs regarding birth of a child,belied about children,belief about pregnant woman In view Beware of Wagtail Birds: Prediction by Varahamihira! Tamils have superstitions about sneezing, crows, lizard chirping and fluttering of eyes. superstitious meaning in tamil. Lizard Chirps Ashes, firewood, and oil, being unlucky, are carefully screened from view. Showing page 1. It is seen in 2000-year-old Sangam Tamil literature. Nobody has done any scientific research into it to prove it or disprove it. The primary public spaces where people come together are the religious centres.

He will then make a fresh start, waving every woman that he meets out of his way. The Bird astrology divides the … Found 201 sentences matching phrase "superstition".Found in 3 ms. Latin words for superstitious include superstitiosus, relligiosus and religiosus. has got two pages devoted to Pancha Pakshi Shastra (Prediction by Five Birds) and Lizard Predictions. Tamil Panchang (traditional calendars with Hindu festival days etc.) “Superstition plays an important part in daily life.

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