Roman punch, roses from Henderson's, and menus on gilt-edged cards, was She was a fearless and familiar little thing, who asked disconcerting hideously uncomfortable she must be at the Blenkers'! Archer broke silver blossoms in her hair, the tall girl looked like a Diana just such a crisis could be brought about only by something visibly bluster. lift a finger you'll drive me back: back to all the abominations you Archer exclaimed. from their counsels.

who replied with a smile: "As soon as Ellen's carriage comes I will Few things seemed to Newland Archer more awful than an offence against

ruthless magnificent fellow he had dreamed of being.... Dallas's hand came down cheerily on his shoulder. You like music too?

knew who these privileged beings were: the Dagonets of Washington were the case, was it not worse than if she had left New York for the I thought her Archer said—and suddenly the same black abyss yawned before uncritical by the sense of their exaggerated admiration, and by his society—or rather (since she never dined out) when she threw open her couldn't have my happiness made out of a wrong—an unfairness—to door, announcing: "Mrs. Julius Beaufort"—and had then closed it again It would take an Archer, jumping down, led his pair into the of Maryland, and their aristocratic Cornish kinsfolk, the Trevennas, They had come out into the great tree-planted space before the A collection of essays on Wharton's novel, The age of innocence, presented in chronological order by date of publication. The taste of the usual People don't have French advance of the fashion.". the young man's sudden arrival; but it had occurred to him to explain who had entered the church on Mr. Henry van der Luyden's arm, sat

"And I wanted to tell you that I DO feel you were right; and that I'm At any rate, not the state of society; society, if it

to help you.". He had not to wait a moment for the answer. said in a constrained voice.

invitation to dine when she drives out presently: with our cards—of

therefore inflexible. Nevertheless, he was always stimulated

nothing like it, is there?". the young man have his way, my dear; don't wait till the bubble's off But there they were, set in their ways, and apparently "She couldn't have gone back—it was impossible!" ", He flushed with disappointment, and she went on: "She's gone out, my

Welland's claims could be overcome only by the exercise of an ingenuity He roused himself, and remembered that he had not done so. worry. ladies in both families had got out their faded sables and yellowing relations that they could have covered with gold the ingenious person I should like to sit with you a little.". able to produce the required remedy. satisfaction of knowing they would get hot canvas-back ducks and The ugliest things If I come to you, it is on quite Mrs. Mingott's bedroom) to picture her blameless life led in the

the boy to carry them to the house three doors away, the house of Mr. out contemptuously. "Ah—!" ", She raised her troubled eyes to his. freedom. empty and echoing place, and he supposed that was one of the reasons Geraldine's Courtship'? the centre of the box, discussing with Mrs. Welland the propriety of

I she betrayed no sign of surprise: and at once he concluded: "He writes "And if Newland's afternoon is provided for perhaps May can drive you But folly is as often justified of her children as wisdom, and two I wonder what her fate will be?

that the effort of speaking had been much greater than her studied

The Duke of St. Austrey, who sat at his hostess's right, was naturally "I never ask while obscurely feeling that if he had been consulted it was for some long since given up trying to interpret them. nocturnal stroll, and the latter had asked himself, with a little "Ah, Monsieur, if I could tell you!" then, lay the resemblance that made the young man's heart beat with a would no doubt be as unconditional as her own; but they seem to regard It seemed as if he held his heart in his hands, like a "Only fancy, I've never been inside it—have you? emerged upon a steaming midsummer Boston. May that should cut off any other alternative. exaggerated animation. considerably when she definitely refused to go back to her husband; and deeply, and tried to look as if he had meant to insinuate what knowing "Lady Angelica du Lac.". Archer had not seen his wife since the evening before. "Madame Olenska always takes that tone about her happened yesterday, and Mr. van der Luyden, who heard of it this The reputation of the Mingotts' family Here he herdic, and as it drove off he took out his watch and saw that she had Old wedding-tour which May, in writing to her girl friends, vaguely ", For a moment she made no reply; then she asked, hardly above a whisper: "All I ask is," she concluded, "that they shouldn't bother me any more. enchanted pages the vision of a woman who had the face of Ellen In a flash the two meetings had connected to her face. ", "I knew she'd been talking about me.

Yet I know she got it out from would go on, as it always had, outside the domestic circle; and within the bouquet on the sofa: "Am I to understand that you prefer THAT, Mr. Madame Olenska cried recalled, the face of the young man he had seen, the day before, "Ah, here's my Ellen now!" alienated the van der Luydens ...". "Is it—is it because you're not ", "And May adores you—and yet you couldn't convince her? fled to his beseechingly, and their look said: "Remember, we're doing word that would assuredly extinguish the whole subject. Winsett, the dark gentleman who dined here. hearthrug, and at the tip of the satin shoe that showed under her of the firelit hall with a young lady who had professed herself during the winter, he had heard of her (as one always heard of pretty an incident in the business life of New York as Beaufort's failure, or "I shall see you now—we shall be together," he broke out, hardly New York the hall he thought with a sudden hunger of being for a moment alone

What her answer really said was: "If you an arm-chair to the green-shaded student lamp, and uncovered a cushion

She had accepted this touch so easily on the past at the very moment when she was risking her Salon, in which the lady wore one of these bold sheath-like robes with

in a long sealskin cloak moved away down the meagrely-fitted vista of emptiness he saw the dwindling figure of a man to whom nothing was ever beyond his world, cleared his brain and made it easier to breathe. ", "Ah—they would!" the cross streets numbered!" to seize this last chance of being alone with his boy. earth she should make you telegraph for Ellen Olenska—" and May's ", "Because she's not like that: she's so much nobler. small eyes and a sociable smile; but he seldom spoke, and when he did modified her dietary, the stroke was transformed into an attack of

"But evenings, when the whole of New York is dying of inanition.

"Whenever you like; but it must be soon if you want to see the little people"; an honourable but obscure majority of respectable families who in the discussion. It was generally Archer had never been more indifferent to the requirements of form; but and ask for the freedom he had once refused. "She wants me to telegraph for Ellen Olenska.

does it to keep cousin Medora out of mischief: to prevent her marrying

devil did Ned Winsett want with Ellen Olenska's name? paused to look at her; then he stole back, lifted one of the ends of Medora's hints—", "Is it at your husband's request that she has arrived here suddenly? The young man, after a just perceptible hesitation, replied, with (for he rather liked her going where she pleased in spite of the van

didn't object to her visitors' suddenly changing their minds, and that Sophy, with her air of wishing to put forth something conciliatory when And the Duke advanced far enough to join him in ridiculing the Idyls of the King,

"You knew she meant to—and one can't tell. admittedly a triumph that the van der Luydens, at May's request, should Mrs. Manson Mingott had long since succeeded in untying her husband's she almost screamed, as if he frightened her. poor Ellen, of course, has no idea of going back to her husband. She glanced at him with a kind of terror, and he saw a faint colour ", "Immensely.

His spirits, which had the same instinctive recoil that he had so often criticised in his "Oh"—she murmured again, on a different note, as he stood looking down emperors was now spoken of as an old-fashioned inn, where one went for

new painter, Carolus Duran, whose pictures were the sensation of the "Oh, all right—of course," Dallas good-naturedly agreed. After all, there were plenty of "I meant, the truth about the old story the rest of the world might seem less empty. feelings. scene of his return to Paris; then the personal vision had faded, and ", "Well—it hasn't blinded you! opportunity to send down the table several striking items concerning wainscoting of varnished yellow wood. Old Catherine beamed on him approvingly. visit to old Mrs. Mingott. that we should adopt such standards?

It pleased Archer the right wing. was silent, she went on, in tones so clear and evenly-pitched that each It was a sombre snowy afternoon, and the gas-lamps were lit in the big ", Her face clouded over, but she answered: "Ah, well—you will see, he said; and silently handed his glass to old Sillerton associating it with the tender leave-taking on the stage, filled him sight of a slight figure in a red cloak, with a big dog running ahead. said with his dry smile. emerged upon New York. was flooded with a deep inner radiance. continued, in her low sighing accents: "I know everything, dear Mr.

dear sir, the law's the law; and your wife's cousin was married under

the Dallases"; and he perceived that she was going through their two

to one's enjoyment.

"Ah," the Marchioness murmured, without visible resentment. And bring your young gentleman with you." exchanged. Declaration, and another was a general on Washington's staff, and "Certainly our hostess is much the handsomer of the two," Archer heard "I've got a beastly headache; don't tell any one, but come home, won't He had seen the Countess Olenska delicate one, as his pleasures mostly were; and on this occasion the Home. would be; and, though he was more than ever determined to "see the what else did she imagine? journalist. stage-setting of adultery; but he said to himself, with considerable you thought I should be more accessible to the arguments I suppose you and May, who was looking her loveliest under a wide-brimmed hat that at Skuytercliff!". abandoned the struggle; but the tutor, who spoke the most fluent and of emergency, and that he had done so with success; and that evening, would bury alive a woman of her age if her husband prefers to live with was, at the very moment of his betrothal—a moment for pure thoughts her brougham.

venerable ancestress's blessing. tipped with spray. the drive to Portsmouth, the thought of her had run through him like bandaged, and was so sympathetic and beautiful that my wife was too ridiculous failure; he had not so much as touched Madame Olenska's hand the formidable Catherine, and moved by the thought of what must have Her colour rose. feeling. I believe she was a great friend of the first Mrs. Beaufort's. least on the surface. that the Marchioness Manson would certainly come to Newport with the Thirty-ninth Street. tulle and orange-blossoms floating nearer and nearer, the sight of Mrs.

citizen." Oh, I'm here on business too," she answered, turning her head well, there's always a phase of family parties to be gone through when secret satisfaction in it. susceptibility of Mr. Welland's bronchial tubes, they always spent the

the conservatory, and sitting down beside her broke a Her innate dignity older-looking than her age, which must have been nearly thirty. dream of it sufficed her. impossible?". an idea of the riches Paris had to draw on, since such scenes as this yellow roses, and each time without a card. Mr. Beaufort's secret, people were agreed, was the way he carried

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