The Red Raiders have listed as starters or co-starters four different transfers on their defense. Redshirt freshman Kyren Williams has won the starting job. # Player Hgt Wgt Cl. Junior Cam’Ron Harris is Miami’s starting running back but it’s exciting to wonder what a ‘thunder and lightning’ type of pairing could become of true freshmen Don Chaney and Jaylan Knighton, who are listed as co-backups. Now he’s stepped in as the co-backup to Harry Trotter, ahead of talented redshirt freshman Jacardia Wright and amid the absence of an expected impact back in Joe Ervin. Burton entered the transfer portal on Aug. 25. 0000009385 00000 n 0000007759 00000 n ����B�����.ʠV���l(Ύ�G��Y��.�^_�l�j�W�kO}��)��`Ey��������z���}���׼� ;���z�/[�*��" So, it’s worth trying to glean some intelligence from the depth chart releases. CHARLOTTE, NC - DECEMBER 02: Clelin Ferrell #99 and Dexter Lawrence #90 of the Clemson Tigers embrace as they run to the sideline during the Tigers' ACC Football Championship game against the Miami Hurricanes at Bank of America Stadium on December 2, 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina. I like what Notre Dame’s depth chart presented to us at running back. 0000000016 00000 n WLB: Kendall Joseph, senior (RS) | J.D. 0000003706 00000 n The heaviest player on the Baylor two-deep defense is 300-pound, second string nose guard Chidi Ogbonnaya. It’s depth chart season in ... what caught my attention on the Clemson depth chart release was the offensive line depth. 0000018561 00000 n From Devonta Freeman and Chris Thompson, to Dalvin Cook, to Cam Akers, it’s been a long time since Florida State was without a headliner in the backfield. Shaun Crawford’s move from cornerback to safety, to start alongside Kyle Hamilton, speaks to that as well as anything. 0000013418 00000 n LG 74 JOHN SIMPSON 6-4 320 Jr. 65 Matt Bockhorst 6-3 305 *Fr. However, the heart of the Clemson defense instead decided to return, most importantly in the front seven. Between Darrell Henderson, Antonio Gibson and Tony Pollard, Norvell has a strong track record producing out of the backfield. In the past, Clemson has had ... a five-star with Green in the 2018 … Z�n�z}�t }k��i��R�3�K�L�0�`Pউj�ǏmH�Ƒm;yl2�2 ɟ��A�7��UTX���R�R�oR�AfA Brennan Eagles, Texas’ leading returning receiver, appears to have been displaced by Michigan transfer Tarik Black as starter. The 2020 class was ranked No. If his health doesn’t betray him this fall, Black is a potential breakout star. 0000007440 00000 n There’s junior college transfer Krishon Merriweather at MIKE, Duke transfer Jacob Morgenstern at spur (nickel), LSU transfer Eric Monroe at safety and Arizona transfer Colin Schooler at WLB. But the big questions lie with Jalen Williams, who’s replacing the aforementioned O’Daniel. Considering the loaded offensive line in front of those guys and the necessity to find some explosive plays from its offensive skill, Williams and Tyree’s positioning on the depth chart is good news for the Irish. It also may just have solidified Baylor’s offense. 0000021498 00000 n Simon enters his third year in the program and has yet to live up to a lofty billing out of high school. While Baylor had a strong season in 2019 as well, the challenges and the personnel will be quite a bit different. |�SJ�3���ߨ0h�p1nɢDဋ��1��K��B��L�1��r�^Yx��in��[Zѻ�H1,�&��H��~3V�d����;`��*��j���ʮB��*����uQ Competent but not dominant, the offensive line is the one position that doesn’t have the same NFL Draft resume as the others that Clemson produces. Foster, a five-star with Green in the 2018 class who's started 14 games but is now a backup at safety. The Clemson Tigers will be looking for another College Football Playoff trip in 2018, and here are the guys that will fill out the depth chart for them. V�Dt��b�]4��3��!���v0�A�'��Ӊ��^ >�ً�\���sА�IO�\��W(��B9�R��7�-��\ŋ$��6J6�X��L���%�`#�͂��\\���jp�\��*S�%�͵w�h�;���:�Ӌ�[��>�����X�Fxg��g]�q�B�Ǚj��k"#�D�U��g�w��]�x�1�/�K�.S;F�!T;�Y��,�4���2�s�9F�昹�S=��s�2��=F&*2RJT~�F1��f}�)$�ǔ�M��n��O!��w��@u 0000001089 00000 n Given the lack of spring practice, the limited offseason exposure, the diminished media availability and all the other pandemic-related governors, we are flying blind more than ever with regard to what we should expect from teams early this fall. 1-ranked Clemson takes on No. Aranda’s starters at LSU a year ago went 309, 346, and 308, respectively, at the same positions. H��]O�0���+���t�;�P%ZZ(KS¦ �)�1J;J��w���E\����$mz���<>��� �M)���$�^Qؙ_�h{:�8ˇ3�ڊZ��=��Q -� ClesoFB 2018 CLEMSON FOOTBALL ClesoTgers.o CLEMSON OFFENSE Pos. Cornell Powell will lead the way as the primary kick-returner for the Tigers this season, showcasing great speed. Head coach Pat Narduzzi seems intent on giving him every opportunity. The secondary may be the most intriguing group of the Tigers defense in 2018, mostly because it’s the group that holds the most question marks. You could probably make the same assumption about B.J. However, sophomore running back Travis Etienne and junior running back Tavien Feaster could also see time here. 79 Jackson ... CLEMSON PRESEASON DEPTH CHART. 0000001267 00000 n With that in mind, here were a few of the developments that caught my eye. His surge past more experienced backs ahead of him means that his versatile, dynamic playmaking in high school is starting to show up in college as well. 0000001423 00000 n 0000021926 00000 n CB: Mark Fields, senior | A.J. y�����6ӀEb��d �R�(K{V&nvXa�d��(��s���J�E�Q��������n>"�p�Y�Hp�Jߦ M�x���UY����}?�!E��ujb��|��$_v]ț�B�� pҶ�E9��dZ?����3i�\�,tfu(,�{��T�tF�b Meanwhile, Renfrow will again reprise his role returning punts. e�Wh�,+�����f��æ��Q��i 0000020810 00000 n Lamar has the chance to be a breakout performer this year as well. DE: Clelin Ferrell, junior (RS) | Chris Register, senior (RS)DT: Christian Wilkins, senior | Albert Huggins, seniorDT: Dexter Lawrence, junior | Nyles Pinckney, sophomore (RS)DE: Austin Bryant, senior | Justin Foster, sophomore. �պ�*`n#� hh��3��d�?�����Zę��p�D=W8M�������oe�����SG\��awd������s&�l�V�4��AY6'9��$�b��\M5�oq>����$�f��C7t�VID����\s�7ͯ��Nj�J�4�ng������ 0000021136 00000 n Unleash the hype for Kansas State true freshman running back Deuce Vaughn. On defense, it was notable that incumbent starter and former Top247 five-star Jalen Green is running with the second team as D’Shawn Jamison and Josh Thompson landed the starting cornerback spots. In the preceding days, we get our first concrete, official information from coaches as to who is winning out in position battles, who has emerged as starters, who has settled into backup roles and how the team is constructed. I found it noteworthy that Chris Washington is already a second-teamer at right tackle as well. But like the rest of the 2020 class, the offensive line class was loaded. . Notable Losses: This portion of the programming was expected to be long-winded at the end of last season given the talent on the defensive front. 2019-2020 Clemson Tigers Depth Chart Ferrell, Wilkins and Bryant could have all entered the 2018 NFL Draft and been selected within the first two rounds (and Lawrence would have too if he were even draft-eligible). Addison is the starter at slot receiver as well as the starting kick returner and starting punt returner. Terrell, sophomoreFS: K’Von Wallace, junior | Denzel Johnson, junior (RS)SS: Tanner Muse, junior (RS) | Isaiah Simmons, sophomore (RS)CB: Trayvon Mullen, junior | Kyler McMichael, freshmanNickel: Isaiah Simmons, sophomore (RS). 9�SH-�Y���������d{�C���d�ی]a�g�2sۈ�=w����Z�����t3^����T�rFK���O�����P�d���n�iK�F�z%�p�\W,9Kr�S���w늆ÐS���S�Y��^ ��w����` Z��� endstream endobj 213 0 obj <>stream =}9/'�dLV�ݥ�lP��m�j���u���3[.������aRm��0�ld�n?n'.�-�������MJ$���/\c%����B�]?�dq���0�b���0I�a���U���*Cq#S�K���������,�%��w��+���la��"擐��r�&� ��� endstream endobj 212 0 obj <>stream h�b``�b``9� �sP�0p`H@��b��D�`�E�ZA���՝�0(0�̐�@���5��6B�uP��Ys�*��20��Bdv �� endstream endobj 233 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[6 199]/Length 29/Size 205/Type/XRef/W[1 1 1]>>stream 0000019608 00000 n For starters, Aranda’s starting three down linemen at Baylor are 280, 285 and 295 pounds. No. 1 player in the country in the class of 2020 according to the 247Sports Composite rankings, is somehow being billed by the Clemson coaching staff as even better than expected. With that said, the Tigers will have to contend with the losses of linebacker Dorian O’Daniel and safety Van Smith, both of whom were key on defense a season ago. In the past, Clemson has had its success in spite of its offensive line. trailer <<2564A946C41B45DD9A02FED9BACFB34D>]/Prev 28326/XRefStm 1089>> startxref 0 %%EOF 234 0 obj <>stream 0000013890 00000 n It took Schooler all of about two weeks to win the starting job after his departure from Tuscon. Right behind him running with the 2s is fellow five-star Myles Murphy, a defensive end. 0000002321 00000 n When that 346-pound nose guard, Tyler Shelvin, took a breather at LSU, he was spelled by a 354-pound freshman Siaki Ika. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. (Bryan Bresee; Photo: Clemson Athletics , 247Sports), (Tarik Black; Photo: © Texas Football,, (Jashaun Corbin; Photo: Florida State Athletics, 247Sports), (Kyren Williams; Photo: Matt Cashore, 247Sports), (Colin Schooler; Photo: USA TODAY Sports), (Deuce Vaughn; Photo: Lourdes Shoaf | American-Statesman ). CLEMSON. None of that pedigree stuff matters when it comes to Mike Norvell and running backs, though. Bryan Bresee, the No. - Page 3 © 2005-2020 CBS INTERACTIVE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. H�ԗ[o�@���+�q���{_K��I�U����r��uLdH���:$���]Ԧo�0�7�14�-�T�w/̕���! The heaviest player on the Baylor two-deep defense. 0000001856 00000 n Perhaps his role with the 2s is more of a testament to the depth of the room than anything else. If you’ve been reading 247Sports, listening to the Barton & Bud or the Cover 3 Podcasts, you know how excited I am to see what Pitt’s true freshman wide receiver Jordan Addison can deliver in year one. With transfer Nick McCloud locking down one corner spot and Tariq Bracy getting the co-starter nod alongside true freshman Clarence Lewis for the other, Crawford stepping in at safety puts a lot of flexibility on the field. gmc"��5^�Z�嗧��b|3�t�:*Y��KA[�@���!+��jS@�į �5���Kd�|z��"]���"�GD�RO���WA�x�Y�Hv�6�f>�x���� �^�7��o*����]�� ���?|Ǔ/����k��|6��dx�k2���ޟ��Y�s@S��%��k�_w@�H�|�i�^\;��Yo ]�&axLڽA'Izop�m���b���%?�+� ��v� endstream endobj 211 0 obj <>stream 0000009497 00000 n 0�"`B�.Ƭkz�c���.��YE�|\�f���!:JQ������[���.�(c?�O�Y�c�#�R��J �� On defense, it looks like Notre Dame appears to be trying to get its best 11 on the field. Can he provide the range and playmaking that the now-pro did last season? KR: Cornell Powell, juniorPR: Hunter Renfrow, senior (RS)K: Alex Spence, senior (RS)P: Will Spiers, sophomore (RS). Horns247 has been telling us consistently that the cornerback starting job was an open competition with Jamison, Thompson, Green and Kenyatta Watson all putting up strong showings but in the past, Green has seemed to be the highest upside player of the bunch. 205 0 obj <> endobj xref

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