At some point, she also worked at Summer, Finn and Kenzie’s former studios. She does not make it into A-Troupe in Season 5, so rather than join B-Troupe she leaves The Next Step to become dance captain at Gemini Dance Academy. This results in Cleo angrily confronting her, as this would mean both her and Summer would no longer be on A-Troupe. However she makes up with the Next Step when she takes Emily's spot in the final dance when Emily hurts her leg, and thus joins The Next Step for real. Ozzy then decides to tell Michelle and Emily about Kingston and this sends Kingston into even more rage with Ozzy. James is the overprotective older brother of Piper and Deborah's only son. At Internationals, Ella steals Riley's solo in the Female solo round, which makes Riley feel betrayed, causing her to not want to be friends with Ella anymore. She is introduced to Dancemania by Finn and Kingston and, like them, becomes addicted to watching the show.. Theo (portrayed by Levi Randell) is a member of Luke's band and Giselle's love interest in Season 3. After auditioning for an alternate position on the Nationals team, Cleo makes it onto A-Troupe, and is determined to become a featured dancer. She joined A-Troupe in Season 2 to stop them from reaching Nationals, but The Next Step caught her and sent her back to Elite. when Chloe had a problem Margie was there for her and finally in season 3 when Chloe gets offered a position in The Nutcracker and can't decide if she will compete in internationals or act in the nutcracker, and West convinced Chloe to take the role (because Margie told him to) and after she told Kate, Margie came to the room with Chloe and danced with her one last time Chloe found out that Margie was an angel literally after she disappeared. Tns The Next Step The Off Season GIF by The Next Step. Michelle's determinations prove to be too much at regionals, when she faints during her trio with Amy and Amanda and ends up going to the hospital. James' overprotective of Piper and he doesn't want to see his little sister get hurt. World of Dance THE CUT Briar Nolet (Sneak Peek), Briar Nolet Divisional Finals Previewing Photos, Briar Nolet World Of Dance Finals Sneak Peek, WORLD OF DANCE SEASON 3 FINALE- Briar's dance, Briar Nolet- It's My Party Tour BACKSTAGE, Happy Birthday to Myles!!! (portrayed by Alexandra Beaton)[1] A contemporary dancer and studio head. Enjoy it! Division 1, Montgomeryshire Amateur Football League, Division 2, Montgomeryshire Amateur Football League, Division 1, First progression in European football (4–1) agg -v-, This page was last edited on 29 September 2020, at 07:19. Although she does appear in the special 6 episode mini-series where she reprises her role as Baroness Von Dance and hosts a podcast on Dancemania: Season 13. [6] She is a member of A-Troupe,[4] and the former dance captain of B-Troupe and A-Troupe. Emily remains studio head under the ownership of Nick. [12], At some point, Summer worked with Miss Angela. Piper gets super worried that her teammates hate her however Finn cheers her up by singing his childhood song in which he sang for a cereal advertisement. Latest appearance She then starts dating Noah. At regionals, after it was announced that Encore had won, a judge came and consulted to Ms Angela that she stole the choreo and therefore Encore was disqualified. West (portrayed by Lamar Johnson)[1] is a friendly hip hop dancer, he is smart at some times but says it in a silly way, he can be really funny at times. The sort of 'father figure' to the dancers, especially James, acting as a compassionate, helpful, and rarely serious male advisor. She competes with her team during Regionals and Nationals, before injuring her knee during Nationals and ending her dance career. In the semifinals, the studio will have to face England, Ella's team, who already cheated The Next Step once already. Dimensions: 480x270. Henry (ex-boyfriend) (July 27th, 2019), Happy Birthday to Victoria! Ozzy then has a dance battle with Kingston and are both left enemies. the next step the off season 510390 GIFs. Current Enemies Size: 1268.2060546875KB. Current Friends In Season 7, she leaves A-Troupe after they decide to compete in Dancemania, a professional dance competition and feuding with Richelle regarding dance captaincy. After realizing Michelle's troupe is the better of the two, Noah decides to leave TNS East and join TNS West. In Piper's alternate reality, Amanda is part of Alfie's plan to buy The Next Step dance studio as a real estate agent. She then allows the two to get back together, but organizes a "dinner date" between the families.[11]. Giselle shows this to Miss Kate, who then shows it to the woman in charge of Internationals. However, in Season 4, he leads the auditions for A-Troupe, as if it was not for him, The Next Step would not have been able to dance in the finals of Internationals. Chloe (portrayed by Jennifer Pappas)[1] is a shy ballet dancer whose parents can't afford her dancing at the studio. In Piper's alternate reality, Riley is dating Alfie although she still harbors feelings for James. #thenextstep I will post in this book the news related to Bryles and TNS! Lily however had no friends at her old studio and she developed (what she thought) was a friendship with Richelle but she did not know that Richelle was using her and pretending to be her friend in order to get rid of her and her mum from The Next Step. She ends up joining B-troupe as her ambition is for her to go to Nationals. [3]  After a long time Angela returns to see Dancemania filming .Nick and Angela quiz each other about who is the the better Dancemania fan. He agrees to work on it and helps Lily and Kingston work through their constant arguments and together they end up creating a successful duet. Lily (portrayed by Katie Ortencio) is Miss Angela's daughter who is the former dance captain of The Next Step for a very short period of time and now dance captain of Encore. In Season 5, we hear that Tiffany is a studio head.

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