An elderly man is murdered and tossed into his well in 1996, and his stolen guns lead to his killers. thanks for sharing. Dennis McDougal's "Mother's Day" examines the horrendous crimes of Theresa Knorr, a mother who murdered her daughters and forced her sons to help. "The Unluckiest Man": Serial arsonist John Veysey murdered his wife, Patricia DeBruyne Kemp Veysey. "Cross Country Connection/Eyes at the Window". An Illinois college student is raped and murdered in 1981. "A Man Scorned": Archie Talley is convicted of murdering Elizabeth Herrington, after seeing her with his ex-lover. just watched this and wish i hadn't. When a young mother's body is found beaten to death in her car's trunk in October 1988, her ex-husband is suspected of the crime. "Portrait of a Killer": The investigation into the 1974 disappearance of Michelle Wallace is aided by NecroSearch, a volunteer team of victim advocates with technical investigation skills.

"Daddy Dearest": Estanislao Gonzalez is convicted nine years after murdering his wife and two teenage daughters. "Operation Jambalaya": A New Orleans police officer goes undercover on a riverboat casino to gain a confession about the murder of Marilyn Allen at Camp Pendleton. Two unsolved murders of loved ones, Zilpha Lowery and Jeremiah Pittman, plague a family; detectives uncover a hidden crime scene that may help solve the 13-year-old cold case. "The South Side Rapist": St. Louis rapist Dennis Rabbitt. A Mexican crime family is suspected of a teen girl's murder; DNA on a duct tape is "The Clue That Stuck.". "The Baiting Game": The murder of Jerry Allen McClendon, "Ticket to Nowhere": The murder of Diane Chorba, "Traces of Murder": The murder of Enrique Elizarbe, "Pride and the Fall": Donna Sundling Spangler’s fall from a cliff in the Grand Canyon leads police to uncover a. "The Good Samaritan": The murder of Horst Eppenbach, Sr. "Soft Kill": Richard Evonitz is sought in connection of the rape and murders of multiple underage girls.

level 1. It is hosted by Bill Kurtis and the original series produced by Tom Golden. "License To Kill/The Tell-Tale Mark/The Supermarket Mystery", "The Original Night Stalker": The then unsolved. On January 19, 2017, Blumhouse Television, AMPLE Entertainment and A&E revived the series for a ten-episode run. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. "The Bad Cop" covers an attempt by a former state trooper to disguise a murder as a suicide. The well received reboot features highly cinematic recreations and music. Reality legal show/documentary television series, This article is about the television show. A college student is murdered in a cemetery in 1969. "The Widow and the Wolf": A woman suspects that her boyfriend murdered her aunt, "The Perfect Murder/Death of the Innocents", "The Perfect Murder": The murder of Kay Sybers. There is a lot going on with this case too. The case of a gruesome stabbing death of a bullied teenager, Tina Faelz, remains unsolved for 27 years.

All the kids that helped her, those that ignored what was going on and her parents that left her. When 18-year-old Shannon Siders' body is found in the woods, everyone in the small town of Newaygo, Michigan, becomes a suspect--but no one is convicted of the crime. "Vanished": The murders of Jennie Hicks, Jerilyn Towers, and Lynn Willette by James R. Hicks, "The Missing and the Dead": The murder of Jean Marie "Annie" McLeod Tahan, "Silent Witness": The murder of Dr. Helena Margaret Greenwood, "Frozen in Time": The murder of Denise Anette Huber, "Bodies In The Bay/Till Death Do Us Part", "Operation Jambalaya/Footprints in the Snow". College student Brad Perry shows up to work his graveyard shift at the gas station and is never seen alive again. [1] Actor Danny Glover took over for Kurtis as narrator for this new 10-episode series. "Where's Peggy": Peggy Reome's body is found in a storage unit in. "Hollywood Homicide": After almost getting away with two murders, Kenneth Dean Hunt is convicted of raping and killing two elderly women, "The Missing Hunters/The Flashlight Rapist". The murder of Sheriff's Lt. Joe Clark was the longest-running cold case in the United States involving a law enforcement officer. The parents of Chad Choice, a missing 8-year-old boy in Tyler, Texas, receive a grisly package containing his skull. "Killer in the City": A frightened Bronx woman is stabbed 39 times, but the suspect claims self-defense. Atlanta police detectives attempt to solve the 1995 rape and murder of Nacole Smith.

"A Killer's Skin": Violent serial killer Raymon McGill is convicted of over a dozen rape-murders spanning over a decade, after accidentally leaving skin cells at the site of a robbery.

"The Calling Card": Donald Sigsbee is convicted of killing Regina Reynolds after accidentally leaving his business card near the scene of her body. The murders of Sharon Reeves and Emilita Reeves. "The Dungeon": "A Killer Named Korn": Donald Korn is convicted of the 1974 rape and murder of Mildred Ruth Doench, and the assault and rape of Dorothy Hendren in 1975. "A Cousin's Promise": Darlene Hines's murderer, James Mertini, is only sentenced to five years in prison. "A Deadly Affair" leads to a dead husband in Olathe, Kansas, unsolved for over 20 years. Two decades after a close-knit family's loving aunt, Anna Mae Florence, is stabbed in her home, detectives return to the crime scene and discover a pivotal clue hidden in plain view. Unlike the real case, the movie ends with the youngest daughter killing her mother and one of her brothers before committing suicide. A serial killer is suspected of killing five women in Orange County, California in 1978 and 1979, and of another crime that a man was falsely convicted of.

thanks for sharing. Cookies help us deliver our Services. It has haunted me ever since I read about it. Some episodes of the series have now been adapted into a podcast of the same name, "Cold Case Files," hosted by Brooke Gittings and featuring the voice of the original Cold Case files host, Bill Kurtis. This case was the one the kinda got me into true crime. "Justice for Eglena": 15-year-old Eglena Deleon is murdered by Guadalupe Sandoval less than a block from a, The episode describes the investigations that lead to the arrest of. "Rear Window": A 23-year-old fails to show up for work, and police find her body. "Friend of the Family": After 18 years, Manny Pacheco is convicted of murdering his 11-year-old friend, Angela Wong. A 13-year-old girl is murdered in. "Caught by an Eyelash": James Suknaich is connected to the murder of prostitute Kiva Bible by a single eyelash found on Bible's sock. The show documents the investigation of many long-unsolved murders (referred to as "cold cases" in detectives' parlance) through the use of modern forensic science (especially recent advances in DNA techniques), and criminal psychology, in addition to recent breakthroughs in the case(s) involving previously silent witnesses. Their bodies are found days later in the woods. Federal agents reopen the 1968 disappearance of a navy ensign who was labeled a deserter. "Murder on the Menu": The murders of Alice, Susie, Wayne, and Patti Huling, Marlys Wohlenhaus, and Diane Edwards. "The Sting Operation" catches a drugstore robber who killed an officer in Beebe, Arkansas. One detective checks into a rapist/murderer's background, which includes the death of an 11-year-old girl and photos of children. "Obsession: Dave Reichert and the Green River Killer". horrific. "The Closers": Edmund Marr is suspected of killing Elaine Graham, but isn't convicted until 22 years later. The Blumhouse Television, AMPLE Entertainment reboot has quickly gained popularity on Netflix. "Justice for Lisa": After 23 years, Stephen Robert Smith confesses to killing 6-year-old Lisa after DNA links him to the murder. "The Bitemark": Forensic dentistry is the key to solving a teen's murder, using a photo of a bite mark on the arm of child killer Wayne Garrison. Cold Case Files first aired as a sub-series of another A&E crime documentary program, Investigative Reports, also hosted by Bill Kurtis, ... "Mommy's Rules": Theresa Knorr is suspected in the murders of two of her daughters, and her third daughter finally convinces police to reopen two cold cases. High School Sweethearts Tim Hack and Kelly Drew (both 19) are reported missing after a night of dancing in Wisconsin. "The Monster": Charles Vines is caught raping a 16-year-old, and his DNA links him to the rape and murders of two elderly women. Everyone in that child's life was terrible.

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