Charlie Company, First Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, 11th Infantry Brigade, 23rd Infantry Division is comprised of five platoons (three rifle and one weapons and one headquarters.) After they reach the edge, Medina orders a lunch break for the entire company. The New York Times runs a story that quotes survivors of the My Lai massacre, who claim over 567 Vietnamese men, women and children were killed by American soldiers. 3-5-69. One such individual was Don Petersen, a 20-year-old house painter from California, whose wife had found out she was pregnant on the day he received his draft notice. To me, the real heroes were the Medics. KIA FSB Argonne while a member of 2-C-1. I believe that Americans are obligated to learn about and understand wars that our soldiers have fought in. 35 papers pick up the resulting story on November 13th. December 18, 1971 This was during an honor guard ceremony for the Commandant of the Marine ' Unknown Marine, (2-C-1). The success of the 48th is due to small-scale attack operations, effectively impairing the enemy while protecting the core of their unit. 10:20AM FSB Argonne. Charlie Company arrives at its night defensive position, where Captain Eugene Kotouc, an intelligence officer for Task Force Barker, interrogates and kills at least two of the 10 Vietnamese suspects that both Bravo and Charlie Companies had gathered together during the afternoon. The purpose of this artillery fire was to clear the landing zone, but instead it sends villagers running back into the village in fear instead of to the market. They are pursued by members of Charlie Company’s 2nd Platoon who are on their way back from Binh Tay. Colonel Oran Henderson takes over the 11th Brigade, the parent unit of Task Force Barker. KIA FSB Argonne while a member of 2-C-1. if(!f._fbq)f._fbq=n;n.push=n;n.loaded=!0;n.version='2.0'; Sgt Steve Lowery, Patrol Leader 2-C-1. 7:58AM 1968-1969. Lt. Dave Furguson. 3-5-69. The soldier shoots the man in the head, later claiming it was an act of mercy. Sgt. Minutes after Warrant Officer Thompson takes flight from the east ditch of Son My, his crew witnesses a sergeant shooting people in a ditch. Many members of Charlie Company have a similar experience, isolated in the mountains surrounded by enemy snipers for over 50 days following the massacre. About 65 men in a combat infantry unit called Charlie Company came back from Vietnam to fight a second war waged at home and in the mind. Captain Eugene Kotouc, the intelligence officer charged with assault and murder, will be cleared by a court-martial. As Major General William Tecumseh Sherman famously observed, “War is hell.” Yet it is also a profoundly human affair with the power to remake men. (large picture..on patrol)

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