From the visitors' viewpoint, prices are fair. Stop By Our Cafe to Enjoy Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner with Friends, Family, or Coworkers. Sat 11:00 am - 5:00 pm Call 785-841-5553 to arrange for us to mail a gift certificate to you, WheatFields Bakery Cafè 904 Vermont Street Lawrence, KS 66044 CONNECT ONLINE. WheatFields is proud to have gained customer recognition by being selected as one of the Eight Wonders of Kansas Cuisine, sponsored by the Kansas Sampler Foundation. The J. Llopis oven imparts unique crust and crumb flavor and texture. Come on. One Pacific gluten free. the sandwiches are a little overpriced, as are the desserts, but the bread is the absolute best and the salads are always different and delicious. The cosy atmosphere of this place makes guests feel relaxed and have a good time. It used to be so good. 904 Vermont St, Lawrence +1 785-841-5553. ... WheatFields is the place to go for a fat, moist sugary sugar cookie. outdoor seating. I love a good, hearty breakfast, but because bacon, eggs, hash browns, biscuits and gravy are not as healthy as they are tasty, we normally only indulge on special occasions. They are very kind. The prices are fair considering that you're paying for something that is real, fresh, and expertly prepared. or directly to the lucky recipient of your kindness. My only comment, or maybe question is; Why is the staff rude? for little treats now and then, or used all at once for a fabulous feast. In this business, you bend over backwards to please the costumer. A smile and occasional "thank you" from staff would be much appreciated. I've eaten here several times and always enjoy my meal - you can't go wrong at WheatFields if you are looking for a nice lunch or brunch spot in Lawrence. The pleasant staff at this spot can demonstrate how much they appreciate their customers. old market DESSERT. Like us on Facebook. The coffee was hot, obviously fresh, and delicious. The worst part, I waited over 30 minutes for this! I still come back though; the bread is that good!!! I've always loved that place- now I love it even more. SEND AN EMAIL. DMCA Notice. But the meat and egg prep are about as good as I could do in my kitchen; which isn't great. old markeT kids. I am always pleasant to the staff and they always seem put off or mad about something and rarely crack a smile...what happened? LOCATION MENUS. I think Wheatfield's can be summed up in three simple words --quality of ingredients. WheatFields Eatery & Bakery. If you are hungry after gazing at Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area, come to this cafe to dine at. Get in contact with our staff to ask questions, give feedback, or inquire about upcoming events. Soup at WheatFields Bakery Café "Wonderful place to eat. Now for service. All WheatFields hearth breads are baked on the masonry sole of our wood-fired Spanish oven. Contact us. You can not find bread like this anywhere else in Lawrence. Inclusion in Maggie Glezer's landmark book, Artisan Baking Across America, led to a feature in a USA Today story that highlighted ten great US bread bakeries. Lawrence, KS 66044. After today I will avoid it at all costs. The salads ARE amazing and the bread is superb. I try to avoid eating in because of the yuppie swarm, but I take food home from here pretty often. very well located. Can anyone explain this? This is a wonderful place to go for a fresh-baked loaf in the morning. One pacific Brunch Menu. Half Service. good hats. round oven. Always a must when visiting Lawrence. Coincidentally, my wife and I returned for breakfast yesterday on my 60th birthday, enjoying ourselves and allowing me to reassess the rating I gave them last year (6 Bombs Out Of 10 ... More Bombs Are Better!). Sat 8:30 am - 1:00 pm Sat 8:30 am - 5:00 pm Always keeping it simple, I went with the Classic Breakfast (#1 - $6.95), coming with two eggs, hash browns, toast, and sausage links or bacon (I went with the bacon of course). It toasts marvelously and is delicious alone, with butter, or coated in my favorite toppings, peanut butter and bananas. I highly recommend the challah, one of their best breads. Breads range in price from $4 to nearly $9 for their holiday specials, but the whole wheat with walnuts and raisins is just HALF the price of a similar loaf at a new East Lawrence bakery on Barker, being quite a good value. 1224 South 103rd Street Omaha, NE 68124. One pacificDESSERT. One pacific Kids. They seem to do very well because the place is almost always full. The meals are also very unique and a must-stop-by bakery. local art on display. I reviewed Wheatfields, a bakery and restaurant one block West of Mass Street in downtown Lawrence, on my birthday last year after going there for breakfast. Terms of service. I was late to work waiting on my second choice. I don't mind carrying my own food, toasting my own toast, or even waiting forever if it's busy, but when I'm the only one at the counter it shouldn't be as difficult as it is sometimes to get served. Founded by Chuck Magerl, Thom Leonard, and Charles Rascoll, WheatFields has been a fixture of Lawrence's thriving downtown scene for over 20 years. Yea, the portebello mushroom sandwich is the best deal in town, as far as quality of meal vs the price. The half order of biscuits and gravy was plenty for me with a very large biscuit smothered in a thick, savory country gravy with loads of sausage. last time I was in for lunch, 45! I've had these sandwiches cost over $15 and barely have been better than wheatfield's. Everyday. Employees are routinely impersonal and abrupt, not warm and inviting. Like us on Facebook. They raised their price a buck since last year, but it is still the cheapest breakfast in Lawrence. I think the bread is fantastic and the sandwiches equally delicious. I've waited on silverware, glasses for water, etc. You order at the counter immediately in front of you as you enter, pay, and are given a small sign to place on your table so the servers can bring your order to the correct table. Follow us on Twitter. Forget your Caseys bearclaws or Dillons day old specials, these are chewy and gooey and I'm always sad when it's through-ie. We use either natural levain or yeast preferment in our breads. CATERING MENUS/ TAKE OUT MENUS. I've been walking out about 1 out of 3 times. My only gripe is that they have a tip jar by the register...Customers have to do their own service. it's the only place where i feel totally comfortable eating lunch alone so i stop in whenever i am in the area. I highly recommend the challah, one of their best breads. Wheatfields Bakery Cafe scored 4.7 in the Google rating system. Closed Opens at 06:30 +1 785-841-5553. Lent Specials. The only problem I have with Wheatfields is when it gets really busy and things start to get a little crazy. I haven't been here in awhile, but everything is so good!!! It's all about the cinnamon rolls, folks! 6,147 were here. WheatFields One Pacific Place 103rd & Pacific. Her server looked at her. I LOVE Wheatfield's so much. Monotypes and Gypsum Paintings by Laurie Culling, Works by Jeromy Morris at Wheatfields Bakery. My wife and I have been buying Wheatfields wonderful breads since we moved to Lawrence a little over three years ago. Wheatfields is a very popular meeting place with great bread, excellent coffees, and tasty breakfasts. They are the best ever. My only gripe is with the staff who seem to have an "attitude". PS: and they were out of 3 of teh large breakfast items on the menu (which there are 10 I think?) There is only one guy there that is ALWAYS consistantly pleasant (he has dark hair and dark glasses). My favorite is the raisin and pecan sourdough ($4.50), a robust torpedo-shaped loaf with a thick crispy crust outside and plenty of raisins and pecan pieces inside. wheatfields is my new favorite place to eat. All rights reserved. I'm not one for huge portions, but it was literally 3 bites. Add a … Add to wishlist Add to compare Share #35 of 167 cafes in Lawrence #21 of 79 restaurants with desserts in Lawrence . One Pacific Place . You still stand in line to place your order, but now when your food is ready they bring it to your table.

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