As shown several times in the new documentary’s trailer, and as per a recent Tampa Bay Times report, the Wrinkles the Clown phone number is (407) 734-0254… He’s definitely got the evil clown market cornered, though — and if you call this phone number, you’ll get his voicemail. He reached out to Longchamps, who Nichols said served as an “introduction” to Wrinkles. In the course of making the documentary, Nichols said he had access to the person behind the mask. Some children thought he was cool and wanted to be his friend. Callers who dial the so-called killer clown phone number, which is 407-734-0256, are greeted with a vaguely sinister message from Wrinkles the Clown. The clown panic made it a very unsafe time for white face paint and red noses. Everything we explore in the film is based on things that were happening or unfolding as we filmed,” Nichols said. Fort Myers native Michael Beach Nichols directed the documentary “Wrinkles The Clown” to explore the Southwest Florida phenomenon that allegedly (but not actually) “terrorized” children in Naples and beyond. Wrinkles the Clown quickly became a viral sensation, and while further videos of Wrinkles sightings were more innocuous, showing the clown standing on a … He explored places like California and Hungary and ended up back in Florida. Mills also reached out to numerous law enforcement agencies in Southwest Florida including the Sarasota, Lee and Collier sheriff’s offices. Is Naples being haunted by Wrinkles the Clown? As the paper of record for Naples, the Daily News bears the responsibility of digging deeper than national outlets. Black holes occupy the space where his eyes should be. The Daily News team had never heard of it. In a forthcoming documentary called Wrinkles the Clown a voicemail message is played which has a man yelling: “I’ll take a baseball bat and beat your brains in.” CLOWNING AROUND Mills declined to be interviewed for the documentary. Daily News investigative reporter Ryan Mills covered the clown sensation in two separate 2016 articles: one in February and one in December once he saw national headlines. His phone number is attached to a Google Voice account. In the five years since it was created, Nichols said, Wrinkles has amassed nearly 2 million voicemails. “People projected their own fears or desires or whatever sort of reaction they had to Wrinkles in these voicemails,” he said. Further investigation from Mills revealed that before Longchamps began documenting Wrinkles sightings, the Daily News photographed Longchamps at an Artis—Naples event wearing a startlingly similar, if not the very same, clown suit as Wrinkles. The Daily News attempted to reach Longchamps but was unsuccessful. He intended to be a doctor. For all intents and purposes, national media outlets were reporting that a crazy clown parents could hire to scare the living daylights out of their kids. Trends emerged: The most common were parents calling to have their children spooked. And while Wrinkles wasn’t truly walking the streets of Naples, looking for kids to scare, people could call Wrinkles supposed phone number and leave messages, asking him to come spook their children back in line. Nichols explores that phone number in his documentary. ... people could call Wrinkles supposed phone number and leave messages, asking him to come spook their children back in line. One video claimed to show Wrinkles stealing a birthday girl’s balloons from her mailbox. Very little is known about the man behind Wrinkles; he’s in his 60s, retired, and originally from Rhode Island, but that’s all he’ll say to reporters. He was intrigued by the virality, the sensation everybody was obsessed with. While Wrinkles has become something of an online viral sensation it’s been revealed he has received a number of angry calls and even a death threat. Despite the questionable origins behind Wrinkles, Nichols said his documentary is more than unmasking the clown. “It’s called viral marketing, bro,” Longchamps told the Daily News. Nichols couldn’t say whether locals could expect a Wrinkles appearance this Halloween. Leave him a message … The sensation snagged headlines in places like the Washington Post, Huffington Post and Palm Beach Post. Wrinkles predated the 2016 clown panic. “He is the creation of Cary Longchamps who successfully did a great job of marketing around the country.”. The Daily News asked one more time just who Wrinkles was. Well, he’s back in town — on the big screen, anyway. “I can’t reveal my sources,” Nichols said. Others were children making threats against Wrinkles, trying to take their power back in a way, Nichols said. He launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $45,000 for the production, but it ended with less than $4,000 in pledges. The documentary in which he stars in, called Wrinkles the Clown, a voicemail is played in which you can hear a man yelling at the clown: "I'll take a baseball bat and beat your brains in". The documentary “Wrinkles the Clown” examines the real-life internet phenomenon of parents hiring a creepy clown to scare their children straight. No, he said. “We smelled that this was fishy.”. Contact him via email at or on Twitter at @andrewjatkins. Wrinkles is still around and anyone can call the number. Mills explained further skepticism with the kind of photos being posted. He’s not really being hired by anybody to scare their children,” Mills said. He went to a documentary graduate program at the University of Florida and moved to New York City after he graduated in 2009. And Wrinkles still listens to as many voicemails as he can get through, but it’s overwhelming.” Tampa Bay Times tried calling the number and it was active.

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